We are beyond excited and proud of how the new Fall 2018 kids styles turned out! So colorful! So playful! So perfect for spreading good vibes and defeating bullying! We released 4 brand new styles, as described by creator Hannah Lavon:

Crab and Jellyfish

This style was actually quite difficult to design, and went through multiple design iterations until juuuuuuuust right! These 2 creatures are very body shape dependent (claws, tentacles etc). It is great to see these come to life and be so cute! The bubbles really helped solidify this underwater pair, and also added a bit of whimsy. This is potentially my most favorite Pals pair of the season! L-O-V-E the red and coral colors!



Giant Gorilla and Mutant Lizard

This style was a refreshing and funky update to the previous favorite Vs. Socks style. (Vs. was our previous battling socks brand that turned into Pals). The original design came for adults only, and we wanted to created a super fun giant monster version for little ones. This pair is NOT AT ALL inspired by King Kong and Godzilla. Not one bit.

Alien and Robot

This new style is also an update on a past style, and I think it is also refreshing and funky! The Earth Robot and Space Robot is now sadly discontinued, but I was not ready to say goodbye to the robot just yet. I really wanted to create an adorable and goofy alien to be it’s accompanying Pal. Aliens are fun!!! Outer space is fun!!! And also fascinating. Are there any fans from 2015, when we launched, reading this? Question- Does the alien’s antenna look familiar??? Well, it was actually inspired by the original robot from launch!



Raccoon and Cardinal

Cardinals frequent my backyard, and are a favorite to see whenever they make an appearance. Such gorgeous red! It also occurred to me that they have a natural mask, just like a raccoon. And, they both live in a backyard-like setting. They would make the perfect Pals. Raccoons are pretty cool actually, they are really smart and resourceful. I wish people appreciated raccoons more… besides for their fur or the Davy Crockett hats made from their tails. These Pals make sense. And you can find them if you look outside!



With every season, we have a new opportunity to help create a more nice, more cool, more friendly society. I hope these new Pals Socks create open-mindedness in impressionable youngsters! If more humans befriended someone with a different background or belief system, we would have SO many less problems! Less violence! Less hate! Less fear! More respect! More fun! More adventures! More knowledge! Thanks for helping us change the world with mismatched socks.
– Hannah Lavon, creator of Pals

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Our son loves mixing up different animals, he also plays with and sings about these socks...there are no other socks, or clothes for that matter that he will sing about. All Pals are very sturdy and bright. They add much needed creativity and joy to the difficult socks and shoes process for our family." - Leigh M.

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