Our Story: The Concept of Pals!


What do a Triceratops and a Caterpillar have in common (besides their long names)? They are Pals!

Based in Brooklyn, NY, our story began in college, where we initially met. The year after graduation, we decide to open a little gift company with the simple goal of producing products that make people happy.

Initially, we made colorful mismatched mittens (and then socks) that came as opposing enemy pairs known as Vs. Stuff. Everyone liked them and we did too, but something was missing. We wanted our products to be an extension of our beliefs — that befriending someone who seems different and classically opposite from you is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in life. What if we flipped our original idea to stand for ‘defeeting the norm’ and becoming friends instead of mortal enemies?

The fun, open-minded families we see every day inspired us to create Pals socks, and we feel lucky to live in such a diverse, creative and interesting community. Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way!

Our Manifeetsto

Pals socks come as unlikely pairs of friends.

Pals socks reminds us that the coolest way to be is to be yourself, and despite our differences, we can all be friends.

Pals are much more than colorful mismatched socks – they’re a way of thinking, of promoting harmony. Kids are really our future, and we want to help them grow into empathetic human beings… one foot at a time.

Pals Kids Socks Sunny Sidekicks 3-pack

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