We are a small business and we support other small businesses!
Please meet one of our faaaaaavorite small business shop owners; Tessa from Brooklyn Collective in Brooklyn, NY!
Her store is super amazing and full of good vibes. It’s very hard to categorize. Full of artist designed and indie goods, it is located right at the intersection of Red Hook, Gowanus and Carrol Gardens neighborhoods. Tessa, the proprietor, has her very overstimulating shop in the front of the store, and her jewelry designer husband has a studio and workspace in the back section. We have been selling Pals Socks to Brooklyn Collective since we launched (we were originally a Brooklyn brand, relocated to Philly only at beginning of 2017)! Love love love her selections and general coolness. Caroline our marketing intern interviewed Tessa for this very special Small Business Saturday blog post below. Support local! And if you find yourself in Brooklyn, you need to visit this awesome store.
So without further adieu:
Name: Tessa Williams  
Name of business/location: Brooklyn Collective / 212 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
When you first opened: 2004
1. What was the first job you can remember you wanted and how did that translate to the business you’re in now?
In college I worked for Buffalo Exchange & fought hard to get that job as a buyer (of new merch and vintage). It’s very similar to what I do now, although now I only work with local artists & designers. The visual merchandising is one of the best parts of running the shop for me, I love putting all the pieces together & seeing which artists work looks best together. At Buffalo Exchange, at least back then, they had a big emphasis on visual merchandising. 
2. What kinds of products do you sell?
Art & design from local folks… everything from furniture & lighting design to jewelry & accessories, fine art, clothing… designed and/or created locally.
3. What is the vision you set forth for your store?
I always wanted the shop to be a very different kind of gift shop/boutique… a place the community I live & work in can find completely unique and well crafted things to love & cherish. 
4. What has been your favorite experience in business so far?
All the learning, endless learning…. and working with so many incredibly talented people! 
5. What is the most fun part?
Doing displays, redesigning the shop layout & finding new artists & designers to feature!
6. Your favorite quote?
Don’t sweat the small stuff. 
7. Who is you spirit animal?
The hippo! I once read that they like to lie low in warm water & sunbathe all day… in my dreams!
8. Which pair of Pals Socks is your favorite and why?
Obsessed with the Raccoon & Cardinal, because I love raccoons and a PINK RACCOON is just awesome.
9. What made you want to carry Pals Socks in your store?
I love the idea behind the design – simple & amazing & words I think people should live by “we may be different but we can still be pals”. 
10. If you had any advice to give to the future generation what would it be?
I would say, read A LOT. Learn as much as you can & find a cause that you truly care about & help support it. Help people. Be nice. Pay attention all around you. 
11. Why should you support local?
Because people matter, families matter, communities matter… we need them! Supporting local ensures your communities growth & prosperity! 
PS- to see all the great small business that sell Pals, check out our store locator. SHOP SMALL AND SUPPORT LOCAL ✌️

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