Dino Baby Booties T-Rex & Triceratops


This Pals booties pair come mismatched as prehistoric used-to-be enemies, the green T-Rex and blue Triceratops dinosaurs. They have ‘defeeted’ the norm to become friends! Perfect as a baby shower gift and for keeping tiny feet warm and happy.

Fun, cozy, and unique and colorful, these booties are made of lightweight breathable fleece and fit babies/infants ages 6-12 months.

Features easy-to-put-on velcro straps (that keep the booties secured from flying off into the abyss) and adorable embroidered details.

For every pair of Pals sold, we donate a pair to That Lucky Bracelet!

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Pals T-Rex & Triceratops Dino Baby Booties

The Pals Socks (and booties) concept is to come mismatched on purpose, because it’s fun to be friends with someone different. We aren’t just any mismatched booties! We are all about trying new things, making new friends and keeping a funky fresh, open mind.

1 T-Rex and 1 Triceratops.

Fits boys and girls, infants/babies ages 6-12 months

100% Polyester with faux sherpa Lining

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