Space Robot & Earth Robot Pals – Fun Toddlers Socks


This Pals socks pair come mismatched as 2 robots from 2 different worlds, the black Robot from our planet Earth and the blue Robot from the depths of outer space. Despite their differences in their memory, materials, circuits and data processing abilities, they have ‘defeeted’ the norm to become friends!

Fun, cozy, and unique and colorful, these socks are stretchy and fit baby and toddlers/kids ages 1-3.

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Space Robot & Earth Robot Pals Socks Toddler Size

These are mismatched socks, a pair comes as 1 Space Robot and 1 Earth Robot.

Fits boys and girls, toddlers and kids ages 1-3

76% Combed Cotton, 13% Polyester, 9% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Bottom has silicon non-skid grips

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 15.875 x 1.27 x 15.24 cm


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