Ladybug & Caterpillar Pals – Fun Toddlers Socks


This Pals socks pair come mismatched as 2 different garden bugs, the red Ladybug and green Caterpillar. They have ‘defeeted’ the norm to become friends!

Fun, cozy and colorful, these socks are stretchy and fit baby and toddlers ages 1-3.

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Pals Ladybug & Caterpillar Toddler Socks

The Pals Socks concept is to come mismatched on purpose, because it’s fun to be friends with someone different. We aren’t just any mismatched socks! We are all about trying new things, making new friends and keeping a funky fresh, open mind.

1 Ladybug and 1 Caterpillar.

Fits boys and girls, toddlers and kids ages 1-3

76% Combed Cotton, 13% Polyester, 9% Nylon, 2% Spandex

Bottom has silicon non-skid grips to prevent slipping

Additional information

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 15.875 x 1.27 x 15.24 cm


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