No matter how far you are from the coast, we humans are sadly and maybe accidently, constantly generating waste. Which ends up in the ocean (yes, the same ocean we call our local beach this summer).

Did you know:

?    Plastic in the ocean (single-use grocery bags, water bottles, straws, yogurt containers etc.) makes up about 60%-80% of the garbage pollution. Consumer packaging accounts for more than 40% of the total plastic usage. ? BUT Pals Socks packaging uses extremely minimal to no plastic for this reason!

?   It can take anywhere between 10 and even 1000! years for plastic to break down ?

?  It’s not only plastic. Pesticides, fertilizers, and oil are constantly leaking into the sea through our local storm drains, and that will eventually dump right into the ocean. These create what are called “dead zones” in the ocean, where fishies, whales, shrimp, crabs, octopi, every kind of marine life, cannot survive. There are 400+ dead zones in the ocean worldwide… that we are aware of ?

?  1 million birds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed every year because of ocean pollution (eating plastic, tangled in old fishing nets, chemicals…) which is beyond sad and completely unnecessary ?



Photo source Blech. Why does it have to be this way?


Photo source At least these lil hermit crabs are making the most out of the situation ?


As a mindful human who cares, you are probably already aware of the plastic problem, and you are probably already taking steps to decrease your plastic use. So, here are some more super easy reminders and tips to reduce polluting the ocean:

?     Cut down on the use of plastic in your home. Instead of buying new plastic water bottles each time you are out and about, keep a few reusable bottles or sippy cups in your bag to take with you. Bring your own reusable bags to the supermarket, keep some in the car so you won’t forget. Bring your own reusable straws when you go out (America alone uses 500 million straws daily so you can imagine how many straws are floating around). Instead of using and tossing zip-loc bags, these reusable silicon bags by Stasher are pretty sweet and get the job done!

Photo source Stasher bags are dishwasher safe, effective and reusable!


?     Don’t pour your used cooking oil, fat or grease down the sink. What you can do, however, is keep a glass jar under the sink to pour it into. When the jar is full, it can be poured into the garbage with other solids.

?     Also. Don’t pour household cleaners (like bleach)! down the drain unless it is water-soluble. Check the label which has instructions on what to do.

?     Have a garden? YAY! That’s nice. Minimize the use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers in your garden please!

Photo source Very busy in his pesticide-free, herbicide-free, fertilizer-free garden!


?     Don’t flush old medicine down the toilet or sink. It could most definitely up be consumed by marine life.

?     Buy ocean friendly sunscreen, detergents and soaps. Everything that washes down the drain ends up in the ocean! Research is key!

?     If you see litter on the ground, please pick it up and dispose/recycle it properly. Even if it’s just a little candy wrapper, anything helps!

?    Support environmental advocacy groups, businesses, and organizations. Hey, we only have 1 Earth.

?   Get the littles more educated and involved in ocean welfare! This is an example of a great activity and teachable moment by


Even though World Ocean’s day happens June 8th we really should celebrate it every day. Especially since our planet is about 70% water! So, if you love the beach, drinking water, and living on our planet as much as we do, every little thing helps!

Dolphin and Fish Pals say “thanks for thinking about us and taking action!”

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