We’re Feeling the love! It’s amazing
to create something that kids love
as much as their parents.

“My son loves these socks ❤❤❤ They are so cute, he was so excited when they were delivered. He won’t take them off ” – Sarah M.

“Adorable socks that kids love (they make my 21 month granddaughter giggle when she looks at her feet wearing them). Super cushy and warm and have grip soles” – Martin Y.

“These were the talk of the surgery center, and it took us a few days to get them off our 4 year old to wash them. Love everything about them!” – Sherry V.

“I bought these whimsical socks for my five-year-old son. My little man is very picky about socks and refuses to wear anything that is less than completely comfortable. Well, these are not only adorable but extremely comfortable as I can hardly get them off of his feet long enough to wash them!” – Juanita L.

“These socks are so fun! My toddler loves them, loves mixing them up and pairing them in different ways and even puts them on her hands to play with them like puppets.” – Rachel T.

“These are AWESOME. Super cute, fun, soft, and quality. The first thing that drew me to these were the grippers on bottom, because that’s hard to find in socks this size. But I just love everything about these socks, and my daughter loves them, too.” – Tania B.

“These socks are wonderful. We purchased them to keep my grandson from sliding all over our hardwood floors while he is visiting for 10 days. He loves the socks, and particularly is enamored with the creatures. We purchased two three sock sets and are delighted with them.” – Benjamin G.

“Amazing product! My children love them. We use as socks and hand puppets. They are warm, cozy and fun! A great idea for toddlers.” – Jessica P.

“Instant smiles every time she put them on, I had to buy more. She wore Pals to daycare and both the moms and kids went crazy.” – Jennifer C.

“My daughter loves these! I do too. They are warm and truly nonskid (unlike some socks that only semi-skid). Her favorite part is getting to dictate which creature goes on which foot. We never have to argue over whether or not to put them on 🙂 Hoping to get more in the future.” – Matt D.

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"Your kid will love these!

Our son loves mixing up different animals, he also plays with and sings about these socks...there are no other socks, or clothes for that matter that he will sing about. All Pals are very sturdy and bright. They add much needed creativity and joy to the difficult socks and shoes process for our family." - Leigh M.

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