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Straight outta the ‘90s and ‘00s of your nostalgic dreams, we present to you: Julius & Skurvy Pals by the iconic Paul Frank! This classic monkey and pirate skull share a passion for seafaring, and is one of four uber fun limited edition pairings.  Read about our Paul Frank bucket list collab up on the blog! 

All the characters in Planned Pines are good friends BECAUSE they don’t match. Because life is so fun and colorful when our friends are different.

This pair comes with a #44 collectible PalsCard! On this card, kids can learn about their new Pals and discover how they met.


specs #44


Founded by Hannah with her unique perspective, became the impetus to design socks that are not just wildly fun and comfy, but also inspire our newest humans.


Doing good for people and our planet is deeply rooted in everything we do! We make sure being socially and environmentally responsible is just as important at our facility partners.


Pals message encourages kids to develop empathy and be more inclusive. We create those easy teachable moments about why it is soooo fun to have friends who are not just like you!


Our fundraising program is an extension of our mission to create a friendlier world, a way to help us give back. We help orgs and schools raise money when they sell Pals to their supporters.

“It is a beautiful message that you're sending out, not only to the world but especially to our children. My 5 year old twin grandsons just loved the PALS socks as did my 2 year old great grandson! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. ”

—Priscilla S.

“Keep spreading the love and inclusivity. Keep promoting diversity and the beauty that it brings to our world. Thank you for the work that you do. We are lifetime fans.” 

—Erin B.

“My daughter was given a pair of these lusciously soft and squishy socks for her birthday, and we all instantly fell in love with the entire thing. The socks are gorgeously done and top quality, but the messaging was everything to us. We are a mixed-race family, in a pretty non-diverse town, and these socks said everything we’ve been teaching our KIDS FROM the start. And the message isn’t preachy, its cute and fun and easy to understand. Thank you for Your product(s)! They really do make a difference!”

—Kelly G.

“My 3 year old son loves his Pals! He wears them around our home without shoes. They are super cute, plush, stretchy and roomy yet secure (he wears a toddler 10-11 size shoe and will clearly be able to wear his Pals at least another year), skid proof, and the best slipper-like socks I've been able to find. I highly recommend Pals and will likely order a women's pair or two for myself.”

—Casey R.

“My toddler loves them! Fair warning, she ran around the house staring at the socks instead of looking where she was going. Hahahaha!”

—Kelsey K.

“We LOVE our socks!! Cannot say enough good things about them.We now have almost all of them!! My 4 year old now wears a unicorn and a pink flamingo which he thought for the longest time they were for girls. He is so into changing it up he will put a zombie with a snake or a mouse with a lady bug and i dont need to worry about pairing socks...we just throw them all into a sock drawer and he picks his pals for the day!”

—Jacob T.

“My daughter loves these! She loves the designs and how her feet don't match. I love how thick and warm they are!”

—Anthony M.

“Fit my 3 year old perfectly and she loves them. A nice thick sock, not some cheap thin material. Honestly love the unlikely friends together and my 10 year old daugh - ter wanted some too after seeing her sisters.”

—Tim B.

“My daughter loves these! I do too. They are warm and truly non-skid (unlike some socks that only semi-skid). Her favorite part is getting to dictate which creature goes on which foot (she has yet to master putting them on by herself) but we never have to argue over whether or not to put them on :)”

—Lynn D.