Pals Socks Valentines!

So happy you went vegetarian for me, Valentine! Funny T-Rex and Triceratops Valentine

So happy you went vegetarian for me, Valentine!


Do you love me? Funny Panda and Koala Valentine

Do you love me? PANDUH!


You make my insides all OOEY GOOEY!!!! ...oh wait I'm just a caterpillar. Funny Ladybug and Caterpillar Valentine

You make my insides all OOEY GOOEY!!!! …oh wait I’m just a caterpillar.


Thanks for being my Pal even when I have KILLER BREATH! Funny Dragon and Unicorn Valentine

Thanks for being my Pal even when I have KILLER BREATH!


I Love You More Than Sniffing Butts, Valentine! Funny Cat and Dog Valentine

I Love You More Than Sniffing Butts, Valentine!


Let's Eat Dirt Together Funny Bird and Worm Valentine

Let’s Eat Dirt Together


I can'ta BEAR it! Will you BEE mine? Funny Bear and Bee Valentine

I can’t BEAR it! Will you BEE mine?


It it heartburn or love? FLAMING-O! Alligator and Flamingo Valentine

It it heartburn or love? FLAMING-O!


Is Your Kid Obsessed with Pals Socks? We Need Your Help to Create an EPIC Tantrum Video!

pals socks tantrum emotional attachment video

We’ve heard countless times from so many parents since our launch — kids are IN LOVE with their Pals! They can’t be convinced to take their socks off! Not for bath time, not for the next day, not even for the whole weekend, the whole week sometimes.

So. We were thinking. How EPIC would it be if we could create a video medley? A hilariously adorable video of all the munchkins who love their Pals SO much, a temper tantrum or ‘tude comes out when asked to take off their favorite socks? These socks are STAYING PUT!

If you have a little cutie who fits this Pals obsessed description, shoot a well lit video of YOUR kid’s response to taking off their Pals. Upload a video and tag us/send us the link (on your Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube). Everyone that make it into the official video will receive a FREE pair of Pals! You have 2 weeks to get those videos together, our open call ends 2/14/17 end of day.

Can’t wait to see these amazing videos!!!!! Have fun and we will leave you with these:

Will You Be a Pal this Chrismakkuh?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Especially for the little ones!

The moment in time when sweets are a plenty, and gifts are a bounty.

This year is even more extra super special, because Hanukkah falls on Christmas! Chrismakkuh! Annnnnd if your family celebrates both, that means you (hopefully) get twice the presents! SCORE!

chrismakkuh 2016

Hey now. Before we get carried away in the gift buying whirling dervish, 2 important points we wanted to bring up here:

Fun presents are awesome to give, because we love seeing happy little faces. But, the holiday spirit is mostly all about giving off good vibes, giving others gifts. Not just physical gifts, but charity and lending a helping hand to others not as fortunate as your family.

So. How about this.
In addition to traditional gift giving, we should gift our kids the notion of caring for others around us. (Perhaps you do this already?) ☺ Let them know that it’s up to us to keep the holiday spirit going all year! Go through their closets with them, pick a few clothes to donate. Go through the pantry with them, donate some canned food. Visit some lonely old timers in retirement homes and play games. Start ‘em young!

Chrismakkuh lends a great teachable moment. Not every kid has a tree in their house, and that is totally cool. We are all from different backgrounds, and being a good person is what matters. The main meaning of the holidays is love and giving. Don’t you agree? Good vibes make the tree lights brighter and the menorah candles even glowier!

Anyways. Cheers to you, our Pals, for continuing to set great examples for your kids, and help make our world a more happier, kinder and peaceful place to exist. Happy holidays and have a great New Year!

Pals Socks Happy Happy Fun Kids Favorites! Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

Tis the season for gifting, and there is nothing that makes a holiday better than good vibes. Stuff that makes people happy. Stuff that promotes exploring, adventure, imagination and silliness. So, we wanted to give you, our Pals, a little gift.

We combed the vast inter-webs and found some the most fun, unique and cool things out there you may have not discovered! A smattering of gifts and things so adorable, so awesome, you’ll wish you were still in diapers!

ANYWAY with that thought still fresh, let’s start this gift guide off!

Gifts for Little Creepsters who Celebrate Halloween Year Round

  1. gifts for kids who like spooky weird thingsYou can’t go wrong with Pals Werewolf & Zombie Socks! Comfy, creepy, stretchy cool!
  2. Does your little one appreciate the mad scientist life? In this lab kit, you can create your own slimy green slime!
  3. This scooter has ZOMBIE HANDS handle bars, so it looks like you have zombie hands when scooting!
  4. Sew your own adorable monsters! Learn about sewing!
  5. This bat shirt by Bubblegum Forest is too too cute


Gifts for Galactic ‘Lil Adventurers

gifts for galactic lil adventurer kids

  1. Our very own Space Robot & Earth Robot Pals Socks are a stellar choice for any outer space enthusiast!
  2. C’mon now. How cute/inspiring is this space explorer comfy shirt for our future astronaut?
  3. And matching space pants!!!
  4. This little cuddly alien pal makes us blast off to mars in cuteness  ♥ ♥ ♥
  5. Wow, a pretend play SPACE POD! Wish they had this when we were kids
  6. Every galactic explorer needs a sweet space blaster (that shoots good vibes only of course)


Gifts for Monkeying Around the Jungle (hehe, love those puns)!

kids super fun jungle safari themed gifts

  1. How cool the design and colors of this parrot chair?
  2. Can’t get over the toothy grin of this fuzzy hippo plushie!
  3. Serengetee is a very interesting brand that supports artisans, and this kid-sized colorful cap is quite awesome
  4. Who else can you find in the jungle besides our funky Monkey and Parrot Pals?
  5. The perfect binoculars for kids, perfect for jungle explorations….or the backyard. Hehe


Dragons and Unicorns Gifts, nuf said

gifts for dragon and unicorn obsessed kids

  1. This unicorn banana horn shirt is fantastic
  2. Dragon and Unicorn Pals Socks! Make new magical Pals this holiday!
  3. A unicorn adventure themed coloring book is going to be way more fun than other coloring books
  4. Pusheen Cat is a cute lil dragon! Awwwwww
  5. Read together! This is a book all about dragons and tacos: the best of Pals. Soooo good


Anyone have a Kiddie-saurus Rex?dinosaur themed gifts for kids

  1. One of our most popular pairs of socks for good reason- so cute, cozy and so fun! T-Rex and Triceratops Pals!
  2. Future Archaeologist? This dino excavation kit looks awesome
  3. Make your feet look like actual dinosaur stompers, what a novelty!
  4. Zoku makes these addooooooorable ice pop molds
  5. A pop-up playing hut that looks like a dinosaur. Why not?
  6. This hand crocheted stegosaurus!!!  ♥


Gifts to help you cozy up this holiday!

gifts for kids to cozy up this holiday

  1. When it’s cold out, it’s so fun to warm snuggle up with your Penguin and Polar Bear Pals!
  2. A cozy PJ set is a MUST for optimal coziness
  3. Loving these fuzzy polar bear slipper boots!!!
  4. Cuddle up to this narwhal plushie
  5. What do you watch while keeping cozy? This classic Dr. Seuss tale of course!
  6. Mmmmm comfort food for the holidays is oh so cozy, and now the kiddies can help bake their own!


Yay! Holidays! Hope you liked our little guide!

The Only Way To Make America Great is to be Friends With Someone Different


America chose Donald Trump to be our next President, the highest and most powerful position one can have. The Donald.

The heartbreaking realization is that many, many citizens, even more than we had realized, are afraid and threatened by anyone different than themselves and the changing, socially progressive times. It is the sad, disappointing truth.

So what do we do now?

The only thing we can do is to keep hope alive. Perhaps this will be the moment in time people have the strongest voice to fight back, to stand up for each other and to be vocal about acceptance, empathy and inclusivity.


We as a nation need to stay strong. Perhaps this is the standpoint where communities of any color, religion, sexuality, and age will line up hand in hand and say “enough is enough.” We will talk respectfully with our neighbors and family about opposing views we may have. Unity can’t be possible if we refuse to look past our differences and create laws only benefiting one kind of person and ideology, putting down others as ‘less than’.

If we can become one, rather than divided, we will be strong. We will be able to support each other.

Because Love will always Trump Hate.

And will just leave it with this powerful quote found from the inter-webs:

“I hope people use this opportunity to realize diamonds form under pressure, and sometimes a bitter pill is what’s necessary to motivate people to make some real changes. The Bush presidency brought us to Obama. 

Can’t live in a world and move forward without hard lessons. Pay attention and after a little understandable self pity, realize this isn’t about how you feel, but about what we need to do now.

Time to see what we are made of.” 

Meet the Face Behind Facing History, our new partners!

Hello Pals! We had a great kick-off to our giving back initiative this past summer, where we partner and collaborate (and then give % of our profits) to a cool and worthy nonprofit who further our causes.

Today, we are happy to introduce you to our newest 3 month partner, Facing History and Ourselves!  Based in Boston, they work hard to help kids think about where we came from and where we are going, and why it’s important to face our history in order to create a more humane society. See what they have to say, below!




What is Facing History and Ourselves all about?

Founded in 1976, Facing History and Ourselves is all about focusing on the things that unite us instead of divide us. Especially in today’s society that feels so polarized (race, religion, politics), we feel compassion is so important.

That’s why Facing History works with educators and youth. We provide resources and tools for educators that get kids thinking about today’s difficult issues through the lens of history. Teachers work closely with students to explore themes like identity, discrimination, and leadership.

Students are challenged to make personal connections between the past and the present, and between others and themselves. This promotes a greater understanding of our roles and responsibilities in our community and greater world.

We believe that by empowering our youth, they will  choose to be an *upstander*: someone who stands up against injustice. They can  build a more engaged, moral, and compassionate society.


A group of all-boy student Upstanders pose dressed as superheroes.

A group of boy Upstanders pose dressed as superheroes.


Why is our work so important?

Facing History’s work is important because we can learn so much about ourselves and each other when we examine human struggles of identity, belonging, and choice. My humanity is tied to yours whether in prosperity, or tragedy. To turn away from each other is to let prejudice prevail. That’s why civil conversations, knowledge, and critical thinking about the world around us is so crucial – and Facing History is doing just that with teachers and students all over the globe.

Our tagline is “People make choices. Choices make history.”

Locker art inspired by students at Facing History New Tech High School in Cleveland, Ohio.

Locker art inspired by students at Facing History New Tech High School in Cleveland, Ohio.


Where is Facing History located?

Facing History and Ourselves is based in Boston, Massachusetts and has seven regional offices throughout the United States. We have two partner entities in Canada and the United Kingdom, and partnerships around the world (including China, France, Northern Ireland, and South Africa).

Why we are so excited to partner with Pals Socks!

Facing History and Ourselves and Pal Socks are both working toward the common goal of bridging the gap between our differences so we can recognize we can all live among each other peacefully, respectfully, and maybe even as friends!

pals socks and facing history partnership


Aaaaaaaand there you have it. It’s a great organization that Pals Socks is thrilled to partner with.

Click here if you want to learn more about what they do, and click of the links below below if you want to learn a little something something they have wrote!

5 Tips for Talking About Race With Children

Guide to Literature for Young Children

Raising Ethical Children: Discussing the Film “Selma” with Young People

Youth, New Media, and the Ethics Gap

SO FUN IT’S SCARY HALLOWEEN GIVEAWAY! Pals Socks & other awesome brands!

Any holiday that celebrates the weird, spooky and wonderful is the best holiday ever! We can’t wait for Halloween!!!!!

Therefore, today we are kicking off an AWESOME GIVEAWAY: So fun, it’s SCARY! 🎃🕸👍👹❤️


One lucky winner will get a sweet (like candy):
Werewolf and Zombie socks from @palssocks
Young Blood t-shirt from @bubblegumforest
Monster leggings from @thedoodlepants
Stripey Sunglasses from @subsidyshades
Party Like It’s Candy Day long sleeve t-shirt from @freetobekids
Boo tee from @the_blue_envelope
Creepy Carrots from story maven @happily.ever.elephants

To enter,
1- Follow ALL of the instagram accounts listed above (we’ll be checking!)
2- Tag at least one friend who loves Halloween. Each tag is one entry, and you can tag as many friends as you wish!
3- Comment “Done”!
4- For ten bonus entries, repost this image and with the hashtag #defeetthenormhalloween !

This contest ends at 9:30 EST on Saturday, October 8. Open to United States and Canada mailing addresses. Void where prohibited by law. A winner will be announced by 9:30 EST Sunday, October 9.

Eye Love It: Positive, Powerful T-Shirts for Kids Patching!

Welcome to another #DefeetTheNorm Blog series!

Ever heard of Eye Power Kids T-shirts before?


When we came across this creative brand, we just knew that it would be perfect for our blog! EPK is an indie brand with a very unique, problem solving concept – a positive spin on a potentially negative situation: kids patching. Well, it’s called only “patching” by insiders. Patching is simply when you see a kid wearing an eye patch.

And of course, this is something which clearly stands out on a youngster’s face and makes a kid look and feel different.

The designer/owner, Jessica, launched Eye Power Kids Wear when her son was born with a congenital cataract. With her background in design, she wanted to help raise his confidence in wearing a patch and glasses everyday. Her passion for positive kids patching also led her to the board for Great Glasses Play Day. She explains it as a day for kids who wear glasses and eye patches to get together and play! We do pin the glasses on the kids game, a play eye doctors office, decorate eye patches, glasses pinata and more! <3

Here are some of Pals Socks’ favorite Eye Power Kids designs:

baby onesie by eye power kids, my glasses are out of this world! my patch gives me super powers eye power kids shirt
glasses monster eye power kids t-shirt
baby patching shirt, cupcake
robot glasses t-shirt by eye power kids
dear santa i was a good patcher eye power kids holiday t-shirt

What year did you start Eye Power Kids?
We started Eye Power Kids Wear when our first Kickstarter project funded in June 2013.

How long is a kid typically in an eye patch? What is the medical function?
Kids wear eye patches for a bunch of reasons. Scott wears his patch because of a congenital cataract but many kids wear eye patches because of things like a lazy eye. An eye patch is worn over a child’s strong eye to force the weak eye to work harder. When one eye is stronger than another your brain wants to only use the strong eye. Forcing a weak eye to be strong helps the eyes to work together!

How old is your son Scott, the brand inspiration? Is he still in a patch?
Scott turned 4 this month! He still wears an eye patch, he will probably have to wear it until 8 or 9 years old.

kids and eye drops

Is your background in design or apparel?
I am a graphic designer and have always loved design, Eye Power has helped me to learn the apparel side of things.

Was it hard to get the word out when you launched? How do people find you?
We have worked hard to get the word out about Eye Power. We did get pretty lucky to have a first successful Kickstarter and then to be featured on some awesome media such as the Today Show. We have a lot of people find us through social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and our blog.

Where do you sell mainly?
We sell shirts mainly on our website We also have a couple wholesalers, mostly eye doctors offices and patch suppliers.

Do you think it has helped Scott and other kids be more confident, what is your feedback from other parents?
I think having fun shirts for kids does help them be more confident! We have heard back from many parents saying that it has helped their kids with wearing their glasses and eye patches.

What does the future see for Eye Power Kids?
We hope to continue to grow and help parents find support! We also would like to do more Kickstarter projects! We have really enjoyed our last two and we already have some projects in the works!

Pals Socks LOVES this concept and positivity!


Check Out Design for Change USA: Pals Socks New Charity Partnership!

Hello, Pals across the inter-webs!

As we kick off summer, we are also kicking off our charity partnership series with a great organization you may not know about — Design for Change! This July through September, we are giving a % of our socks sales to help them achieve their goals of inspiring kids to make our world a better place. And of course help them to help kids “defeet the norm” everyday. You may see their name on our product pages, and thought you were perhaps curious as to who you are helping to support!

So, you may ask yourself, what is Design for Change all about?

We asked Sanjli Gidwaney, director of Design for Change USA. We love her vibe and you will too.

In her own words:

dfc-usa-2014-fb-logo copy

The Beginning


Students using the Design for Change process: Feel, Imagine, Do, Share to understand what they care about and the problems they want to tackle.

Since college, I’ve been intrigued by the world of design thinking, the way products and services are designed, tested, and iterated upon. I was also interested in understanding why and how the American education system was essentially educating creativity and problem solving skills right out of our children. Design for Change seamlessly married my two passions in ways I never thought were possible.

design for change founder

Kiran Sethi (middle), Sanjli Gidwaney (left) at the Be The Change Conference 2014 (India)

Design for Change (based in India) was essentially tasking young change makers to take on a problem in their OWN school/community, work through a design thinking methodology and than share their work to inspire others. The share component of DFC was essential – as young people completed their projects, they were entered into a competition.

The winning team would be awarded a trip to the annual DFC conference, held in a different country every year. This conference would bring together young people from over 35 countries to share their stories of change. To date, DFC has received over 8000 projects of change from around the world!

After a great meeting, I naively agreed to bring the movement to the USA. With no background in education or running a nonprofit, with no experience in the American education system – I felt utterly out of my league.

design for change conference

Be The Change 2014 (India)– Design for Change Global Conference


A couple of my own children later, and master’s in education, Design for Change USA has become a growing movement on national scale. Young people from across the country have used the Design for Change process to transform their own communities and their lives. While some of our change makers have focused their efforts on addressing high school drop out rates, others work tirelessly to address the obesity and drug epidemic plaguing their communities.

To date, over 20 American students have traveled to the Design for Change global conference in India, and Mexico. The winning team this year is a group of 5th graders from the Exploris School in Raleigh, North Carolina. Their project, to support the Refugee Community living in Raleigh assimilate to North American life, by providing them with access to fresh fruits and vegetables in a food dessert, has made them stand outs this year!


Students from Design for Change Dallas student creating posters to end violence in their community.

Design For Change, Changing the World Today!

This year, Design for Change is honored to partner with Pals Socks, a company that strives to build and encourage unity between “unlikely friends.” At its core, design thinking is about building empathy, sometimes between people who come from different backgrounds and perspectives.

A feeling of compassion that can largely be inspired by the way we represent ourselves e.g., what we wear. That’s why we are so excited about the collaboration between Pals Socks and DFC USA – together, we hope to excite a new generation of change makers.

When I first started this journey, I had no idea how my life would twist and turn on along the way. I found so much comfort in knowing that students across the nation are finding their voice and feeling empowered through DFC. I continue to learn each and every day one what it means to do good and be good  – a journey I suspect will continue for a lifetime.

Students from New York work on their Design for Change project to reduce negative media exposure with their project “Positive Messages for Positive Change”

Students from New York work on their Design for Change project to reduce negative media exposure with their project “Positive Messages for Positive Change”


Philosophizing With Kids is Awesome, So We Created 20 Starter Questions!

According to the interesting publication Quartz, more than 3,000 elementary school students in England had weekly classroom discussions on various thought-provoking topics (like friendship or justice). Later on, these same kids had higher math and reading scores than kids in a control group who did not have these discussions. The study was created by the Education Endowment Foundation, and found that the kids in the study did better in school because “they had been thinking with more logic and more connected ideas.” Makes sense, huh?

These deep conversations can really benefit your brain, both creatively and critically!

Philosophical conversation teaches kids how to think and not what to think, which is super important for life. It not only promotes rationalization and reasoning, it allows kids to respectfully take all sides into consideration — something we could REALLY use in today’s society.

Kids are naturally curious about our world. After all, it is a very curious state of existence we have found ourselves in!

That being said, we are creative thinkers here at Pals. We have come up with this nifty little starter list of questions for you to ask your kids to have a philosophical discussion. Why and why not? Why yes? Why no? How come?




  1. Why are some apples red and some apples green?
  2. Why do we celebrate birthdays every year?
  3. Name some objects around you that we may take for granted everyday, but which only exist because they were someone’s smart idea!
  4. Did you know that some words come from actual sounds? These words are called “onomatopoeia.” Name some words we use that describe sounds! Wham Splat Kaboom Meow
  5. Why do we eat some animals but not others? Is it ok to eat animals if they are treated fairly or should we all be vegetarians?
  6. What does chicken taste like? What does a banana taste like?
  7. What do you think we sound like to dogs, since they don’t speak our language?
  8. Why can’t we see the wind, but we can still feel it?
  9. Do you think a worm and a bird have the same life experience? How are their lives different?
  10. Isn’t it cool that shoe laces and velcro are 2 completely different things, but both serve the same
    purpose? What are other examples of 2 totally different things which have the same function?philosophy-with-kids-questions-list2
  11. How would we tell the time if we didn’t have clocks or sunrises/sunsets? What is time?
  12. Is a carrot alive?
  13. Where do you go when you’re asleep?
  14. Why do we have eyebrows? Why do we have eyelashes? Why do we have fingernails or any other “human” feature?
  15. Why should we recycle things? Is garbage bad for our planet?
  16. Where is our planet?
  17. Will we ever meet real aliens someday?
  18. Why do girls have long hair and wear pink? Why do boys have short hair and wear blue? Do they always have to?
  19. Is true world peace possible? How can all things be good for everyone?
  20. Why is it better to have different kinds of friends and try new things? (Pals reference :-P)

Blow your kid’s mind! Have fun. #DefeetTheNorm!